December 11, 2012
Three Content Types for Webmaker

Following on some great posts by David Humphrey, I’ve used Popcorn Maker to post some thoughts around the direction we’re headed with Webmaker content.

This post is meant to provide some specificity to the 2013 Webmaker goals wiki. In this wiki, we’ve identified “webpages that move” created via tools that “make it way easier than it is today to mix your phone, web and social media content together into a compelling, moving collage that you can share with friends” as the core of the Webmaker experience next year.

This type of content exists in the wild, and in particular the Popcorn.js community has created some fantastic examples of these types of web pages. With a combination of Popcorn Maker, Thimble and the X-Ray Goggles, we’re poised to let anyone make these media-rich experiences.

I’ve put these content types into three categories, and I’m keen for feedback:

The Audio Slide Show
Movie from the cloud
The Procedural Story

Please leave some comments - in my next post, I’ll explore how we can build social into the experience of making and learning with our tools.

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